Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century

When Jonathan Goldman arrived for work in June 2006 at LinkedIn, the business networking site, the place still felt like a start-up. The company had just under 8 million accounts, and the number was growing quickly as existing members

Big Data Brings Big Changes to Recruiting Wired

What’s certain is that big data is the future of job recruiting and development, and understanding how to make sense of it will be critical to a company’s success. These days, big data is helping fast growing companies find their perfect engineers.

Big Data Webcast: Analyze This

Aside from the various technologies that firms can implement to support their big data initiatives, they still need to develop a workable, coherent big data road map, which, even for the most battle-hardened participants, is a significant technology.

Big Data meets semantics CIOL

The technology will integrate Ooyala’s machine-learning big-data analytics systems with Jinni’s semantic discovery to deliver a powerful new level of video personalization for all screens. Jinni and Ooyala will work together to develop and deploy.

The spies you'll wear: When big data gets too personal Info World

Most of Intel’s talk during its demo revolved around how great it would be to have such items harvesting our movements and even our body functions — the more you know, as they say. Even big data — or would that be big math? — folks like Wolfram.

Apigee Buys Insights One For Big Data Analytics

Tech Week Europe UK Indeed, Insights One expands Apigee’s big data analytics portfolio, giving business leaders a platform that integrates predictive analytics with adaptive digital infrastructure for real-time action. Insights One will be offered as a stand-alone product Apigee Acquires Insights One, Extends API Reach to Big Data Programmable Web (blog) Apigee Acquires Insights One for Big Data Analytics Converge Network Digest Apigee Acquires Insights One — Doubling Down on Big Data 4-traders (press release) e Week all 23 news articles.

Information gets into big data analytics for HR with People Answers acquisition

PC World Beyond the algorithms and behavioral science know-how, People Answers has also built up years of historical data, resulting in more reliable analysis of a candidate, said Information CEO Charles Phillips. People Answers’ customers include Audi, Foot Locker.

How to Make Money With Big Data

Huffing ton Post Before the advent of wikis and the dot-com bust, it was understood that big data was going to be a different animal. At the turn of the century, the addition of the net to economic markets was solidified and big data was beginning to take on a form

Big Data Strategy: s+b's Strategy of the Year

Big Data Strategy: s+b’s Strategy of the Year. Big data strategy has all the hallmarks of a strategy-in-vogue. It has engendered new jargon and frameworks from unstructured data and the four Vs (volume, velocity, variety, and veracity) to semantically and distributed file systems.