The word “Mobility” reminds us exactly what it means, being flexible and available at all places at all time. Similarly, with the invention of mobile devices, tablets have given way to a whole new generation of application developers that were never thought. Simple Analytics as an extension to its IT services and solutions provides Mobile Application Development.

Simple Analytics hot-shot developers understand what it takes to get our clients branding image from conception to reality. Our key strengths lie in the way we execute our Mobile Application Development projects in a low cost infrastructure facility with speed and quality not compromised.

With modern day organizations incorporating Bring Your Own Device Strategy to lower infrastructure computing cost, more than one third of the global workforce will become mobile enabled.

We at Simple Analytics believe that in the future mobile apps solutions will be one of the key drivers for innovations within organizations.

Simple Analytics’ mobility services and solutions offer end-to-end capability which can help customers adopt mobility and help them transform from market enablers to market leaders. Our competitive developers offer a full range of services from Consulting – Design – Development – Support services, to develop put-together comprehensive solutions that address the mobility needs of our client organizations.

Though there is a strong business case for enterprise mobility, the adoption rate within the industry has been generally slow. Simple Analytics Mobile application development believes in helping and supporting organizations to pace up the adoption rate by offering strategic advisory and consultancy services to enterprises by understanding the fragmented market place, platform and technology decision tree. Simple Analytics advisory service also helps leadership teams within organizations to enable mobility solutions to be key market differentiation.

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