Health Care


At Simple Analytics, we work with our clientele to propose, establish, and manage custom-made Data Driven IT solutions and services that provide measurable business value.

We at Simple Analytics believe the best way to help our customers succeed is to build long-term relationships with flexibility, dedication and support using industry driven experience and expertise.

Using data virtualization, data warehousing, BYOD leading into Big Data Analytics and Data Science as Service, we assist our customers identify the right blend of solutions to suit each customer’s unique requirement.

At Simple Analytics, we are focused on the success of our customers. Our consultancy services channel industry knowledge and experience into enabling our customers to achieve their goals.

Financial Services


The extensive and sophisticated analytics background that Simple Analytics brings is an advantage to our customers in the financial industry. We analyze huge volumes of historical data that are integral to financial enterprises in a smarter planet thereby giving them a competitive edge.

Simple Analytics utilizes the timely application of analytics to manage and deal with billions of records thus making the data usable.

Simple Analytics data consultancy services to financial industry clients helps manage data effectively and maintain scalable integration so that our customers can visualize data however they desire. Our Data Science as a Service (DaaS) model helps achieve this by simplifying business analytics using superior mathematical models and algorithms.



The modern day retail customers are searching for a smooth shopping experience throughout multiple channels. They want valuable, appropriate communication from their choice of desirable brands and vendors.

Through our Data Science as a Service model, we deliver comprehensive retail analytics by addressing all our customers’ business functions such as Marketing, Merchandising, Operations, Supply Chain and Finance. We apply the knowledge gained through analytical processes into building personalized customer strategy. This will help in offering the right products at the right time to the consumer.

Simple Analytics’ data driven solutions and services promote better decision making for our retail customers by providing value added services and improve the real-time decision making capabilities.

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