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Smart city analysis provides citizens with a decent, clean, sustainable environment and life by using renewable energy.

The LED bulb that glows in dark night, the air conditioner that gives cool breeze and all the appliances at home and industries are based on Electricity. With the data of Electricity consumption in Chicago city, we analyze (using ALTERYX) the average cost for 5 years and turn Chicago city with “SMART ELECTRIFICATION” by using renewable energy sources like Solar energy.


According to the analysis, the average electricity charges for 5 years is more than 300 billion dollars exempting all other resources costs (production of electricity, labour pays, fossil fuels like coal and maintenance) which will cost more than 700 billion dollars. Wherein a one-time investment of 700 billion dollars in solar power panels produces sufficient electricity for the city of Chicago with low maintenance. “Turning to renewables for power generation is not simply an environmentally conscious decision; it is now-overwhelmingly- a SMART CITY.”


As we conclude here to consume electricity by replacing the solar which is one of the renewable sources. According to the past analysis of data from Chicago, solar energy reduces the enormous money as well time by investing in the production of electricity. Eventually switching into solar energy builds our Smart City.

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