Managing and Extracting Data for Large complex transactional source systems gave birth to technologies such as Data Mining and Data Warehousing.

Almost all companies today have some form of Data Warehouse using Star, Snow flake Schema and relevant modeling standards and techniques. Simple Analytics knows the right recipe to fix an Enterprise Data Warehouse program that is under performing either due to misalignment with sponsors / product owners or for lack of quality in people, process and performance. Our practitioners are experts in implementing Data Warehouse programs with ODS, Data Marts, Meta Data Repository and Master Data Management.

Although from an overall capability offering, we know it is just one of the capabilities that we offer services and solutions. We at Simple Analytics, believe a well-oiled Data Warehouse is the birth place of good quality analytics, scorecards and Dashboards and needless to mention a good Data Warehouse (DW) is the foundation for a successful BI program.

For services and solutions with regards to OLTP, OLAP, ETL and Reporting, we appreciate the opportunity to come and help you strategist and run the Data Warehouse programs effectively. Our leadership advisory folks have many years of experience leading Data Warehouse programs and have initiated Data Governance Frameworks successfully.

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