Data Science is an art of how data practitioners like Simple Analytics go about treating data as a key foundational element for any organization that earns to have state of the art data strategy roadmap and belief that data is the bloodline of the organization.

Data Science consists of many disparate elements that constitute the building blocks with various techniques and theories from many subject areas such as mathematics, statistics, pattern recognition and learning, data engineering, data visualization, modeling, business intelligence and high performance computing with a single vision and goal of exploring meaningful data and creating buckets of data that could be usable downstream.

Simple Analytics is a pioneer in offering Data Science as a Service (DaaS), with highly trained skill sets through many years of consultancies with combination of mathematics, statistical and information management background.

Through our key capability offering, we at Simple Analytics seek to use all available and relevant data to effectively tell a story to our customers in a simple way in which data can be easily understood by non-practitioners.

Simple Analytics is one of the premier data analytics provider and we leverage sophisticated data analytics and business intelligence technology to help our clients find the hidden revenue generating components in the complex Big Data maze. We at Simple Analytics, work closely with our customer business engagement managers to provide valuable insights by providing quality services through our data scientists to arrive at different ways of looking at data that was never traditionally looked at before. Our data scientists have excellent skill from top notch institutions in engineering, math, statistics and subject matter expertise. Simple Analytics team also collaboratively provides assessment, road map and planning with our customers’ existing in-house data scientists to help achieve and meet the to-be state milestones.

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