Here at Simple Analytics, we keep your data simple. We understand the why, what and how of data. Data integration is a very critical piece to laying the framework for understandable or meaningful business intelligence. Simple Analytics’ data practitioners have years of experience in the field of Data Visualization. We employ various plug n play technology appliance tools such as Tableau, QlickView, Spotfire, Roam BI, etc., to derive quick visualization of your data stored in the Data Warehouse using advanced scorecard and dashboard techniques.

One of the key challenges in today’s home grown data warehouses is employing effective data integration technology in connecting to various source systems. Simple Analytics proprietary data cupping technique makes data integration simple.


Each source system data extract is taken as a single unit and effective data integration technique leveraged to source data across different layers until it gets rationally visualized. Simple Analytics understands that today’s technology requires data integration programs to go after various company data assets such as unstructured resident data within social media, textual data and complex subject matter oriented data that is platform agnostic.

Simple Analytics leaders provide thought and leadership to our customers in encouraging and promoting forward-thinking, innovative ideas. Simple Analytics understands that data visualization paired with sound analytics will help provide business users across all levels of the organization a unified view and insight into their business operations.

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